Patient Information


 PAC is required to provide the following information to you prior to the day of surgery:

Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Please review the above information (by clicking on each link) prior to your date of surgery. If you have specific questions about PAC policies, you may discuss them with any of our staff members.  If you have specific questions about, or would like additional information regarding Advanced Planning Directive, you may discuss these with:

  • Your Primary Care Physician
  • Your Surgeon
  • The Staff at the PAC 

On the day of surgery during the registration process, you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement stating that you have received the above information prior to the date of your procedure.


Your Surgical Case is Scheduled


Your surgeon’s office schedule your surgery date at PAC.


PAC will notify you one business day before your scheduled date of surgery to confirm the specific time you should arrive at the center and the time your surgical procedure is being scheduled.

The Operating Room schedule is very dynamic. While every effort is made to accommodate each patient’s requests, we ask that you understand that certain patients (e.g. elderly, those with multiple medical problems, specific case type) may take priority for the earlier time slots and complications may move your scheduled surgical time.

Please notify your surgeon directly if your condition changes before surgery (i.e., if you have a productive cough or fever).


Instructions for Patients

During Registration you will:

  • Review your information to ensure it is correct and complete
  • Pay any outstanding deductible, coinsurance or copayment
  • Sign a statement acknowledging that you have read and understand the following legal considerations before your surgery:
    • Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Ownership Disclosure
    • Advanced Care Planning
    • Health Care Proxy
    • Living Will
    • Do Not Resuscitate

During your Preoperative Assessment your nurse will:

  • Review your medical history (including all medications)
  • Receive crutch training if applicable
  • Review the Consent for Procedure & Anesthesia
  • Ask you to change into the hospital gown
  • Prepare you for surgery (i.e., start an intravenous line, prepare the surgical site)
  • Review the discharge plans and care at home. 

During your Anesthesiology Evaluation your anesthesiologist will:

  • Review your medical history
  • Discuss options for anesthesia

Your Surgeon

Will meet with you in the Pre-op Area to answer any last-minute questions before you go into the Operating Room.

Family Members

After the nurse has admitted you to the Pre-op Area, you may choose to have a family member/companion to be with you until you are taken into the Operating Room.

The family member may then wait in the Family Waiting Room or, if the family member leaves the Center, we ask that we have a cell phone number available to contact them if the need arises.


The severity of your procedure will determine the length of time at facility. After your procedure you will be admitted to post-anesthesia care, where you will be assessed, observed and possibly medicated, if needed. You will be provided a snack and your IV will be discontinued. If you had eye surgery, you will have a shield over the operative eye. You will receive a patient satisfaction and pain survey with a pre- stamped envelope, that we kindly ask you return to help us improve our pain management processes and overall procedures.


The patient’s surgery may be canceled if the patient does not have a responsible adult to escort him/her home after receiving sedation or general anesthesia. The responsible adult must be at least 18 years of age and willing to assume responsibility for your care.  The responsible adult is usually a family member or friend. A taxi driver does not qualify as a responsible adult because he/she cannot assume responsibility for your care.


Post-op Questions

Please contact your surgeon’s office if you have further questions after your surgery.

Post-op Phone Call

A Recovery Room Nurse will call you on the first business day after your surgery to check on your progress.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Your perceptions of the care, treatment and services you received are very important to us.  Please complete and return the Patient Satisfaction and Pain Management Surveys at your earliest convenience.

Copies of your Medical Record

If you need a copy of part or all of your PAC medical record, please contact the center’s receptionist. The release of your medical record requires your consent.  Please complete PAC Authorization for Release of Medical Records and then return it to the center via mail or fax. Charges may apply.