Insurance & Billing

Pleasantdale Ambulatory Care Center accepts most major insurance. Prior to your surgery, you, your surgeon and/or your insurance company may request an estimate or pre-authorization.

The fee for the use of the Center includes the following: a basic medical history, routine equipment and supplies, pre-operative services, routine drugs and anesthetics administered while in the Center, operating room time and recovery room services. Our fee does not include the cost for the professional services provided by your surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist, a pathologist or any physician consultations.

Most outpatient surgical procedures are covered by standard medical insurance. Patients may be asked for a partial payment upon admission to the Center, based on the amount of insurance coverage or anticipated payment.

Full payment is required at the time of admittance for non-covered procedures and patients who do not have medical insurance. We recognize our obligation to remain flexible in financial matters. Our staff will be glad to assist and help you finalize your financial arrangements before your surgery.


After your case is scheduled at PAC, one of our financial coordinators will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits, obtain an estimate of reimbursement to PAC as well as an estimate of the amount you will owe (deductible, coinsurance and/or copayment).

We will contact you via telephone to review the information provided by your insurance company and confirm the amount (deductible, coinsurance  and/or copayment) due to PAC.